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A creative thinker.
All possibilities meditate I.
Poems I like and write.
Movies are my comfort.

Hello Visitors!

My name is Eric Zhou.

With 7+ years experience in Online Marketing, I have deeply fallen into this science & art. I start this blog to put down some of my thoughts over marketing ideas, strategies, best practises and trends. I also put some of my own experience in my articles.

Pure SEO has been dead in its significance, and SEM is becoming out-dated.The new marketing methodology, Social Media Optimization, or SMO, has been gaining its awareness and life.

Hence I believe in the new online marketing high way:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ——>Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
——>Social Media Optimization (SMO)

As stated in the home page, I like also poems, wines, travel, music etc. So I write about those matters too.

All articles are based on my own perspective, learning and experience, which may vary from what you have. Hence I welcome discussions and debates.

Previously I started another blog but I have problems visiting it. So I resettled here, hoping it to be my Tatooine.

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